Wednesday, 19 October 2011

DELETED COMMENTS!! (Grow a pair guys!)

Thats the fourth "comment" i have had to delete today! We welcome all constructive critiscism at the Alliance.If you have a way to improve a technique that you see on our blog,"please" let us know in clear non-abusive terms by comment or email.We will give you full credit and publication for anything you wish to add or correct if you feel that what we say is incorrect or misleading!
But for christ sake, do us the courtesy of reading the "entire blog" before making comment,and have the intestinal fortitude to "make yourself known" and leave us a way to reply!
The whole idea of the blog is as an info-exchange for solo-climbers and not a forum for anonymous knockers who never volunteer anything constructive.
Disagree by all means!
But please do it constructively and in a civilised manner!