Monday, 28 February 2011

Why an Alliance?

I started this blog when it occured to me that after 48yrs of this obsession,i realised i had more questions than answers about mountaineering.Being a bit on the thick side,it sluggishly dawned that if i didnt have the answers maybe others did?In the light of that epiphany i thought this blog might be a pretty neat idea?Or maybe not,time will tell?!
My definition of a Mountaineer is that of the Oxford Dictionary,-"One who climbs,lives,or works in mountains".I dont much care if an Alliance member is a Solo Mountain Walker or a Solo Mountain Climber?If they have a passion for mountains and mountaineering then thats good enough for me.The simple ethic of the Alliance is as follows.
"To exchange knowledge and skills with other Solo Mountaineers, in order to enhance our independant abilities in the worlds mountain regions".
I dont care much for evangelism or the pursuit of acceptance from other branches of mountaineering or climbing.In my view Solo Mountaineers are by definition independant of ruling-bodies or public opinion,and set their own high standards by personal example of responsibility and best practice in their art.All human beings have an innate need to seek,learn and become better than they are.I firmly believe that, the man who descends the mountain is allways an improvement on the man who ascended,no matter what his objectives were or how succesful he was!No matter how many climbers are on a mountain,the only person one ever gets to really know is oneself.And after that the only way to meet that person again,is to return to the mountain,and the place where he realy lives!
Lets face it guys,we dont do well in clubs!?

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