Saturday, 21 May 2011


Its so rare these days to find a climbing-manual thats original,informative,and entertaining?! Most of them fall into the dry,deadly dull(The Mountaineers Books.USA)category.Churned out by Instructors and Guides (who should know better)trying to cash in,on the same old stuff done by their betters so many times before!?

"GLACIER MOUNTAINEERING" (An illustrated guide to Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue.) is "not" one of these!!

This book is an instructional and informative delight,and an absolute "must have" for the the serious mountaineers bookshelf. Written by Andy Tyson and Mike Clelland (published by FALCON GUIDES) it ranks way up there with Kirkpatrick,Langmuir,and Simpson for inspirational and entertainment value.
You can find it on AMAZON-UK,and cheap as chips at £7.72p a copy! There,s even some used ones at £5.58p!? Get it now!!!

PS:-All we need now is for Mark"Baggy"Richards to get his finger out,and do us something hot on winter climbs and our libraries will be complete!?

Good climbing,


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