Sunday, 10 April 2011

BLOODY ROPE TECHNIQUE MANUALS!! (Complexity Theory and Compound Error)


It seems to me that every Mountain Instructor or Guide who happens to be bored or short of a few quid these days,feels the need to inflict yet-another of these things on an allready overburdened market!?
Dont get me wrong!? Some of these are quite good,even amusing,if not a tad repetitive,and thats the problem i have with them!
"What the f***!!!!"(Actualy this pic comes from a realy great manual!)

A load of the same old rubbish (much of it from natural-fibre,static rope days.) is trotted out time after time like Great Grandads old photo album. And you just "know" that the lazy bugger who copied them from a thousand other similar publications in the past,has never even tried those techniques,as they are unworkable and virtualy useless!!
I refer in particular to the realy "overcomplicated systems" that would confuse an Einstein! And allso those horrible abortions known as "unassisted hoists",that short of being raised as a Lowland Gorrilla,you would never be able to get to work! (I know!? Ive tried them all!!)
I am allways on at people to broaden their ropeing knowledge by checking out ARBOR,MARINE, and IRATA techniques.Ok, so a lot of it is not applicable but every so often you come across something thats a little bit magic,and thats not only useful its allso great fun!?
Yacht-Boom Vang.(Has lotsa other names too!)

Dont be afraid to experiment with alternative hoist and pulley systems that will work for you! The above picture is a heavier version of the "6 to 1" system that i modified from a Dinghy Vang.I just replaced the rope with 5metres of  7mil Perlon,and now i have a Super Lightweight (180gm) hauling system that can pull a small truck! I added a Krab on one end and a good strong Prusik on the other,and now have an instantly workable tool that can be used on everything from "crevasse rescue to unassisted hoists"! At £15 thats not a bad result from a stall at a Boat Jumble Sale.?!
Dont take just any old written technique as Gospel,you are just paying some lazy assed bugger for a book you probably dont need?!
Play with your own ideas! Improvise,adapt,and practice safetly to see what can work for you!

Good climbing!


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